Ragdolls of Eulalie

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Ragdolls of Eulalie

Dear friends and RAGDOLL  breed fans,

Welcome to the websites of our family cattery EULALIE. We have absolutely fallen in love with Ragdolls not only for their charming look but also for their very exceptional, friendly and non-conflict nature. We are pleased to share  our breeding joy, photos and experience with you. Come to our home  and choose a kitten  that will bring happiness, joy and love into your family as well as our darlings bring to us!


25. 02. 2013 - Galerie rodina

21. 06. 2013 - Náš dům a zahrada

14. 06. 2013 - Miluju zvířátka

07. 10. 2012 - Venkovní voliery pro naše ragdolíky


23. 03. 2016
New informations

our new breeding girl EULALIE  PINKY  ULI

22. 03. 2016
New informations


22. 03. 2016


20. 01. 2016
Let me to introduce our new baby-boy Busibu Dream from Spain
27. 07. 2015
New photos

Litter  S

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