There is a particularity of this breed – when you hold a ragdoll in your arms, he is entirely relaxed like a so-called "rag doll". Thanks to this fact, this exceptional race gained its special name.

Ragdoll breed characteristics

nestling pet as well as superior breeding cat with wonderful character,

  • ragdolls do not like loneliness,
  • they are very tolerant and sociable,
  • very playful, curious and creative,
  • they love caressing and follow their owner's every step,
  • they are fond of retrieving various things,
  • magic appearance with fantastic blue eyes,
  • they love people, particularly children,
  • very patient cats,in case of danger prefer falling back to using their claws and teeth,unpretentious care.


Ragdolls range in 3 types colorpoint Attributes: ears, mask, legs and tail should be well-coloury and go with the body colour. Chest, belly and breast front are light. Slight shading on body and belly (belly spot – admitted). Colorpoint is not allowed to have any white spot. Nose and paw pads must be dark in the colour of attributes. mitted The same attributes as with colorpoint. White „socks“ on paws. Front legs shorter, back legs longer – to the heel.White stripe from chin to tail radix. Paw pads – pink. Attractive white mirror on the nose. Dark spots on socks – not admitted. bicolor Dark colour of ears, back, tail and mask, on which a well-visible white „V“ is required. White spot on the back is admitted. Legs and belly white without dark spots. No white spots on ears or tail are accepted. Nose and paw pads must be pink.

General standard

Ragdoll is a massive big cat with medium physique. It makes a global impression of a strong, big cat. Head Form – medium-sized, modified V-forming with a flat looking spot between ears. Nose Should have a slight bow in the upper third. Face Cheeks are well-formed , narrowing into aq well-developed chinand round mouth. Ears Medium-sized with a wide base, round tops, widely set on the head, slightly disposing forward. Eyes big and oval, eye tail should form a direct line with position a ears. Blue colour, the more intensive, the better, in regard to body colour. Neck Short and Strong. Body Long with medium bone composition, muscular. Wide and well-developed chest, back part is muscular and heavy. Adult individual should be as wide in shoulders as in the back part. Legs Of medium length with medium bone composition. Back legs are slightly taller, owing to which the back body part stretches upward. Tail Long, medium thickness at radix, narrowing proportionally towards its end. Well furred, thick. Hair medium length, thick, soft and silky structure, stuck on body, breaqking in movement. Neck hair is the longest, lining outer face edge, making thus a "shirt-front" impression. Hair in the face is short, gradually changing into longer one at the end of head acroos the chest. On sides, belly and back part of the corpus it is of half-length to long, on front legs it is short to half-length


female cats are obviously smaller than male ones, male expression is preffered, slow development (up to 4 years).


narrow head, stop, Roman nose, big or small, pointed ears, almond-shaped eyes, too long or too short neck, stubby corpus, narrow chest, short legs, distended toes, missing beards between toes, short tail, butt tail end, short hair (considering season).


different eye colour than blue